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Brian FarrellCoaching since 2000, Brian Farrell practices both solution focused coaching and clean language coaching to create a custom program for achieving your goals. The coaching program identifies where you are now, scaling the importance of your goals, and then assessing your skills.

Brian focuses on solutions, as well as your own personal metaphors, to change your perceptions, decisions and actions. You’ll get unstuck and out of problem talk, moving forward towards your goals.

As your coach, Brian can offer you everything a book or blog post cannot: community, accountability, and the opportunity to ask questions. He’ll also ask you many questions as well, especially around the choices you could or could not make, and the consequences around those actions. These coaching questions are the key to staying on course, and getting you out of your comfort zone.

"Brian has the ability to motivate you to do more, try harder & want to achieve greatness. He's down to earth, easy to talk to & honest with his opinions. And has the uncanny ability to get someone to open up & tell their story. - Alisha Gay
"I highly recommend Brian Farrell as an expert, coach and leader. He is always 'on his game' yet has a calm demeanor that underlines his confidence and well-earned authority in the field." - Catherine Cohn

The only way to know how coaching works is to experience it.

Try coaching, and let Brian help you connect today to all your tomorrows.

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