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Personal coach Brian FarrellCoaching came naturally to me. Some of my earliest memories are of “helping” my dad fix, work on or repair something. And my first job as a teenager involved helping people. Everything I do now, I’m helping someone, regardless of the job title or role. I’ve always been a helper; it’s a character trait at this point. Helping people live their best life is a natural progression for me.

I get personal satisfaction from seeing success happen for someone else. In my coaching I think of myself as a facilitator, not a consultant. Consultants do things for people. As a coach I shepherd the process and the person I’m coaching does the work and gets the glory. I’m like a personal trainer for my clients’ minds. When working with clients I try not to give advice. Instead I help them think through things, and train them how to think for themselves.

As a personal and business coach I view my purpose as larger than helping people achieve goals. If someone wants to focus on reaching goals I figure he can buy a book on goal achievement. What I’m here for is to help people hone in on their personal life theme, and help them determine the steps in keeping with that theme to live a happy and successful life. To me, that is so much more important than meeting a singular goal. And it’s why I practice goal free coaching.

That is the “why” behind what I do. What is your “why?” Book your complimentary coaching session so we can get you on the path toward the life you want to live.

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"I highly recommend Brian Farrell as an expert, coach and leader. He is always 'on his game' yet has a calm demeanor that underlines his confidence and well-earned authority in the field." - Catherine Cohn

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