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Brian Farrell I found coaching by chance more than 20 years ago. And in a way, this helping profession found me. Some of my earliest childhood memories are of “helping” my dad fix, work on or repair something. And every job I've had in-between, I'm helping someone.

This led to an interest in personal development and self-improvement. And when you start reading, and researching, you're bound to find coaches. My course towards coaching was set.

When working together, I'm like a personal trainer for your mind, rather than a consultant. Consultants do things for you. Coaches don't. When you do the work, satisfaction comes from your success!

I shun from advice giving. Instead, I help you think through choices and consequences. It's not about goal after goal after goal.

Coaching has a bigger purpose. It's to help you hone in on your true motivations and intentions. To me, that's so much more important than meeting a singular goal. And it's why I practice goal free coaching.

We'll break this cycle and focus on what you desire out of life. What excites and inspires you. And come up with the steps needed to set you on this path.

Helping you live your best life through coaching is my "why". What's yours?

Self-care is your first line of defense. Book your complimentary coaching session so we can get you on the path toward the life you want to live.

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"I highly recommend Brian Farrell as an expert, coach and leader. He is always 'on his game' yet has a calm demeanor that underlines his confidence and well-earned authority in the field." - Catherine Cohn

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