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How to Prepare for a Business or Personal Coaching Session

Getting business or personal coaching can be an expensive investment of your time. And you’ll want to get as much as you can from each session. Want to get the most of your coaching time? Come prepared with the any or all the below items. Tip: write them down.

Your own goals for the session
What do you want to walk away with when the session closes? At the least, this should be an action plan. But you might also be looking for specific feedback on something you have done or created. This could include a sales page, an article you wrote, or even a new tactic you’ve tried that didn’t succeed.

old fashioned compass rose on a plain wallAreas on which you'd like to focus
Which parts of your business, behavior or life do you want to focus on in this particular session? Is it a specific area of your business, such as your customer conversions? Or is it a difficult situation you’re trying to dealing with, such as with a vendor or another person?

Progress you have been making
What have you achieved since the last time you talked? What progress have you made on your action plan? What are you proud of? Which parts of your plan did you not manage to get to?

Problems with which you have been struggling
What kinds of problems or obstacles have been preventing you from moving forward? Have there been specific things that kept you from achieving more? Do you need help with identifying a solution?

Things you have learned about yourself or your business
What have you learned that might affect the way you move forward? Is there anything that would affect your goals or the tactics you are using? Are there things that you now know are particularly effective? Are there tactics that you now know will not work for you?

Your own ideas for what to do next
Based on everything you have learned since your last session, what do YOU think you should do next? While you are going to discuss this as part of your coaching, it’s good to be able to bounce a few ideas off the coach. The coach’s job is not to agree with you, but to provide feedback and guidance on your ideas.

Specific questions you have for the coach
What questions do you have that you need answered either right now or soon? It’s best if you keep an ongoing list of questions written in your journal between sessions. While you should always ask for help as you go along, not everything needs answering right away. Keep a list of questions that can wait for this next coaching session.

Thinking through each of these 7 items will give you insight into how you can move ahead. Advance preparation keeps you focused on the important issues for coaching.

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